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Month: June 2017

With the world evolving with new work models thanks to the Internet, African millennials have not been left out. In ten years time our lifestyle would have been said to have been influenced by the current change-makers who we have they range from Intrapreneurs who combine their work with their passion to change the world to entrepreneurs who are chasing the high road of laying the foundation of the new work.

We choose to have two of these influencers on the Btcshow john Obidi and Oluseye Johnson the beautiful thing about both is that they are Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs and have horned their own tribe by creating value. So we would have them share their insights from the value they create on the breaking the coconut show this Friday 30th June 2017 Catch us live on their pages either instagram or Facebook we @Breakingthecoconut on instagram would be streaming and Facebook live (Charles Umeh) just in case you miss it find us on #BtcShow on YouTube and subscribe

John Obidi is an Online Business Coach who helps thought leaders to communicate and monetize their knowledge. In 2013, he was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media for his contributions to the industry. He’s the founder of SmartBcamp, an Online Community dedicated to building intellectual capacity in young Nigerian Professionals. Through his LIVE weekly show, The Smart Business Teleseminars, he has been able to reach over 200,000 listeners in 71 countries; providing them with strategies with which to dominate their marketplace.

In 2017, he was voted among the Top 5 Most Influential Young Nigerians for his contributions to Personal Development and Academia.

Oluseye Johnson is an ecosystem-builder and award-winning entrepreneur, Oluseye seeks to create strong platforms that help identify, nurture and accelerate nascent talent and solutions. He conceptualizes, executes and launches marquee ecosystem developer engagements and programs, which help to build capacity and provide access to global networks and mentor ship. He is keen on assembling local and global innovation stakeholders around high-impact STEM initiatives that accelerate local application of cutting-edge technology in Nigeria, while ensuring visible, viable outcomes

Oluseye facilitated, organized and contributed to diverse ecosystem-entry engagements including 500 Startup’s Geeks on a Plane Lagos Tour, Evernote EMEA, DEMO Africa and the annual Relativity School ‘Nollywood Meets Hollywood’ program in LA.

He successfully launched the first NASA Space Apps Challenge in Nigeria – an annual 4-day multi-city initiative that leverages community-led innovation to develop locally applicable technology solutions for space and earth-use. The program has run for four years consecutively, and has become a year-long platform to foster Nigerian Space and STEM innovation, as well as develop strong gender and youth project inclusion. With Space Apps Nigeria, Oluseye is focused on inspiring a new generation to solve local, in ways that can intrinsically scale global.

Oluseye has also been a serial entrepreneur in the past, co-founding several consumer-facing startups, including the award-winning Maliyo Games, before moving into the corporate arena. He was selected as one of 5 Demo-god Award winners, out of 40 top African technology startups, at the DEMO Africa Awards in 2012.
John and Seye have the discretion to invite one guest each to Fridays show. Follow them on their page when they share this post and be our guest on the live show this Friday in Lagos Nigeria.

Rich Tanksley is a West African Start up specialist and your typical definition of a Serial 360 entrepreneur. Wait till you get the full picture.

As an American living in Africa Rich, has literary helped A- league organizations coming into Africa set up their offices and build their team before he is off to another adventure on his path. Hence his title as the west African start up specialist with key roles in Ghana and Nigeria among other firms, he help set up the Pulse Nigeria team where he build pulse from having five hundred unique visitors monthly to Five million monthly visitors aside being an investor in the startup eco –system and dealings with Millennials Rich has a career as a movie actor in the Nollywood movie industries with key roles Rich shares his Sojourn in Africa and how he wears these various hats and still remaining sane.

Bunmmi Otegbade CEO of is a millennial who grew up here in Nigeria studied in the United states comes back to tackle the one thing that makes him angry about the system “justice and injustice” after much iteration on what works in this part of the world his formula comes off while he keeps evolving with the birth of each new day.. In this chat Bunmi and Rich affirm what everyone who has an understanding of their path about building their life around what they loved did and found fulfillment doing in simple as they came off I knew it wasn’t about what they said but what they did behind the scenes.One key thing that also stood out was creating more tools for effectiveness and managing several skill sets.
Lets Join us on this journey as we see Rich and Bunnmi share their coconut experience.
Break your own Coconut!!

Big Buck Bunny
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My First Video Album

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Prior to meeting Segun Abiona I had read him up and what he had been able to achieve with the niche he has carved for himself as the leading socks merchant in this part of the globe. For one who was proactive enough to look at the African market and choose the men’s socks he must have seen so much of Grit and an understanding much attachment to what value is all about.

The persona of running an active genial social media life and still executing on all projects is one skill only a disciplined Outliner possesses and he aces it at.

The Coloured Socks niche prior to now is much of a stereotyped fashion item.However this days the pendulum has moved to the favour the metro sexual who is a larger population of the modern-day man.
We talked about separating oneself from the crowd and juggling much on your plate as a start- up and seeing the bend from the straight road.
Selling socks online in several stores around the world is a combination of innovation continuous improvement and research. .
Feel free to watch this two-part episode and share your thoughts.
And you take the plunge of going out to break your own Coconut

Charles Umeh

“The Illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”  Alvin Toffler

I have a scrap book where I put in some lessons learnt and heads up from experiences, people and patterns. I thought I should share some. One thing about these lessons is that they turned out being my reservoir knowledge which I pull out when I need a refresher course. With time it has become my go to reminder so just in case it resonates  with you  feel free to share and lets relearn unlearn and learn

On being A Good Guest

To be a good guest is understanding your host so well and know when to leave even when the night seems very interesting.. Always remember you are a Guest.

On saying No

If you find it hard to say NO  Start by practicing with the mirror. Keep doing a rehearsal, with time it gets into your subconsiosness

Let’s assume you get invited for an event your schedule cant permit…If it comes in form of a mail or text this is a classic response ( I know it works because it has been used on me and that was when I finally felt little remorse using it)The idea is to be sincere, feel less guilty and make sure you find time to honor some events else yours would have just you in attendance if you don’t mind.

“Thanks for thinking of me. I’m sure it will be a wonderful event. “Next, tactfully decline: “I’m sorry that I can’t attend.

Last, end on a positive note:

Hopefully, my schedule will be less hectic next time and we can get together then wish you the best at it (learn to be less personal)

On job interviews:

Understand what these terms mean in each organization before you start your Interview so you don’t get over excited when they are used.

“We would get back to you”: and you don’t get a response after seven days.

This is a classic two way street answer. Firstly understand what it means in the organizations lexicon. To Some people it means we don’t need to fill this position immediately we sure would reach out when we are ready. To others it’s a Gentleman’s way of making you feel good hence you never get called back.

The CEO response after interviewing you:

It’s up to the Manager to hire you. I like your spirit and your enthusiasm since you would be working with the Manager it is his call. (Smiling)

Most times this response is the end of the interview doesn’t even think of getting a next interview and I would explain why.

Very few CEO’s leave the decision of employing a “Rock star” to the manager most times it’s his call.  Just in case you meet one who leaves the manager to take this shot, Gods luck to you however what this means some times  when he|She says it’s up to the manager is this…

Dear manager,

I don’t have a say in this  recruitment  should  you finally make this choice you have yourself to be blamed. No sane manager wants to take that risk after being prepped that way. Normally you never should be called back except to thank you for attending the interview. Should the manager decide to embark on this adventure of employing you against all odds  he usually makes more enemies.  You should be really worth all this hassle.

Sorry we think you’re an entrepreneur: And this is the classic response that leaves you both excited and confused.  I hope you finally figure out what this one means but just in case you are still confused, relax!  This is a compliment pick up yourself and embrace the positives. For someone to spot this about you, this is free profiling insight .You are an entrepreneur, go solve more problems possibly you might not have fully embraced this part of you yet, it time to give it  your attention. This season happens to be the season for Unicorns, so increase your value (life really is a pot puri)

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