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Think about Apple, Tesla, Google even the Newly re-invented Nike, their successful image, and customer loyalty come from amazing teams. Teams that are constantly working to refresh, impact and deliver a difference for customers every day.

So how can you create innovative teams within your own company, teams whose work consistently impacts your products and customers in a positive way?
The first step is recognizing that your employees are your best assets, and acknowledging that all teams from sales to the CEO are key players in your success.

To achieve this, you have to be intentional, great teams don’t just happen…

They are trained!!


The coconut work lab is an unconventional 21st-century learning experience from young professionals and entrepreneurs who are retooling for the unique challenges of the future. The work -lab equips these critical stakeholders by focusing on the creative skills of tomorrow taught by the stars of today.

Delivered with personalized content. Our creative learning programme connects you to the people making the most outstanding work today.

Our session is immersive
a hands-on workshop, with a focus on learning that actually sticks. They are led by innovative industry professionals and key actors in the evolving future of work.

Open to everyone, regardless of whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you would take away applicable tangible learning outcomes.


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