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As a rookie project manager, most of the first silly mistakes made on my part was hinged on this

The funniest part of that story is that it never looked like a big deal until the end when we looked at lessons learned.

It always shows up all the times that there were stakeholders who were either not identified or satisfied

In the real world, it’s still the same.
most times people might never be on par with you or might never be in “your league” worse part might never share your values.
The moment you take up a project they are involved at that moment it ceases to be about you but more about them so you must first identify them and figure their interest.

Their interest might not even be what you love or like… however, the goal of the project is a win and they are your stakeholders. The option that still wins is figuring options of satisfying everyone (It’s not being lame it’s fundamental) and making sure you all are on the same page.

  • What if satisfying their interest doesn’t align with your values?
  • A story for another day. But to be fair, I’ve learned in negotiations you must increase all options by creating a “mind map chart” and arm yourself with it.

In the real world, I figured out being a project manager rested more in soft and people skills and we all have #Stakeholders.

The moment we refuse to identify and normally Satisfy most of them…. this normally leaves even the best of us clueless or set up for a fall
Living in Nigeria? we countdown to our last workshop for the year 2018 with  the coconut worklab

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#november5th10th Lagos Nigeria




Think about Apple, Tesla, Google even the Newly re-invented Nike, their successful image, and customer loyalty come from amazing teams. Teams that are constantly working to refresh, impact and deliver a difference for customers every day.

So how can you create innovative teams within your own company, teams whose work consistently impacts your products and customers in a positive way?
The first step is recognizing that your employees are your best assets, and acknowledging that all teams from sales to the CEO are key players in your success.

To achieve this, you have to be intentional, great teams don’t just happen…

They are trained!!


The coconut work lab is an unconventional 21st-century learning experience from young professionals and entrepreneurs who are retooling for the unique challenges of the future. The work -lab equips these critical stakeholders by focusing on the creative skills of tomorrow taught by the stars of today.

Delivered with personalized content. Our creative learning programme connects you to the people making the most outstanding work today.

Our session is immersive
a hands-on workshop, with a focus on learning that actually sticks. They are led by innovative industry professionals and key actors in the evolving future of work.

Open to everyone, regardless of whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you would take away applicable tangible learning outcomes.


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So long ago when we started the Breaking the coconut Show(BTC)  our goal was simple. We were clear about the various narratives about young people living in  Africa. Having a circle of these amazing tribe and aware of how much they are literally pushing their boundaries in various sectors, we decided to tell their coconut stories and lessons  learnt on their path.

By telling millennial stories of how these  young people millennials, Generation Z are literally breaking their own coconut and head up from mentors the BTC show was born.

The bigger picture for us was that we want to both inspire the next generation and equip them with shared knowledge from  real life experiences.

The BTC show would be on your TV for those living in Nigeria starting from this Sunday 8th July 2018 and would broadcast in four states. Lagos, Abuja, Jos, and Porthacourt.

Target Audience: The young at heart, Intellectual millennial and Generation Z and anyone curious about knowledge and African influencers.

Silverbird Television  Lagos 10 am (you could likely watch this on DSTV)

Stv Abuja Wednesday 2 pm

Stv Jos Monday 4:30 am

Stv Porthacourt Friday 4pm

This seasons Episode was Produced by  TECHCITY Nigeria

After effect By @Wynotcrea8Africa

Videos would be on youtube after broadcast.


Breaking The Coconut (BTC) is hosting the Coconut Work lab Series, 2018, themed “The 21st Workplace: A Paradigm Shift” which would equip young professionals with the skills, tools and mindset shift needed to excel in this new reality.

The Coconut Work lab Series is a two-part programme(Two Saturdays – June 2nd and June 9th 2018) starting with the first set of training and some exclusive in-depth discussions at the panel discussion.

The panel discussion will engage participants on critical factors for success in the 21st Century workplace. Count Down to Saturday 2nd and 9th June 2018. Click here to register

Count Down to Saturday 2nd and 9th June 2018

Breaking The Coconut (BTC) is hosting the Coconut Work lab Series, 2018, themed “The 21st Workplace: A Paradigm Shift” which would equip young professionals with the skills, tools and mindset shift needed to excel in this new reality. The Coconut Work lab Series is a two-part programme(Two Saturdays – June 2nd and June 9th) starting with the first set of training and some exclusive in-depth discussions at the panel discussion. The panel discussion will engage participants on critical factors for success in the 21st Century workplace.


 The tools of the workplace
For the social era has evolved and keeps evolving and like they say you blink you, miss.

Edmond Idokoko  Marketing and communication Lead Microsoft Nigeria would be giving us heads up on how the Microsoft brand keeps herself ahead of the curve in the workplace of the future.

For your spot click here::

There is a paradigm shift in today’s workplace. This includes the change in work tools, roles, expectations and systems. Organizations are not only innovating new solutions, they are also changing the way we work.


At The Coconut work- lab we will be your connection to the future of work. Our faculty includes Microsoft, Taxify, Accenture and others.W e are RETOOLING Xennials, Millennials and Generation Z for the 21st Century Workplace. 

Click here to Register:

Limited seats available and Acceptance would be on a first come basis

Venue:Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria

Be ready for the Paradigm Shift.



Anieka was born in the countryside. In his community, he was the rock star who solved various obvious problems no one earlier saw. The community needed a cobbler, so he was the best cobbler in his community. Everyone depended on his skills. Referrals favored him more. Everyone always coming back since he was the only one great at this skill the queue was always long at his doorstep which meant only when he solved each problem do we finally call it done for the day.

So someday something magical happens, Emeka comes into town with a modernized toolkit and sets up the best cobbler shop far from Aniekas’. Out of curiosity, one-day Anieka’s client walks into the office with the normal complaint he had been sharing with him for several weeks only to have his shoe fixed in record time than earlier imagined.

Only then did the whole town make a U-turn to Emeka’s service outlet. with the new information from his newest testimonial, Emeka was the new rock star.  Anieka believes Emeka must have some kind of magical powers to have dragged all his clients because it never added up. There was an Emeka who came from nowhere to ruin all his effort and spurred up this sudden exodus of clients.

“It’s true I have magic that works for me Anieka but you must come to see how it works and the best time to come would be at night” ( he never wanted to humiliate him in the presence of his clients) Emeka affirmed.

A date was fixed both men meet in the middle of the night to the surprise of Anieka there were no magic but modern tools. He was ashamed of his false assumptions but since it was the night it shielded his disappointments and tears which was only seen by Emeka who kept smiling

There and then Emeka offers to help him also become magical. Anieka smiles and apologizes for all his foolish assumptions takes the offer and embark on his journey.

Several key lessons from this story before I let you share yours below..

In the new workplace, there is no magic just modern tools that come off magical.

There are no permanent rockstars

There is always a new kid on the bloc who is ready to unlearn yesterdays magic

Assumptions can knock out even the smartest of us.

Treat your rival with respect he would never forget the new lesson you handed him at his low ebb.

What were your own lessons

Kindly share below

In the end make sure you #breakyourowncoconut

It’s an open secret we would rather put our money where our mouth is than leave it to chance. We naturally might love free things but in the long run, exclusivity need be paid for.
likewise time. A close look at our daily habits gives us a clue to what is a priority.

So let’s take you for example now you figured your special sauce, what you would love to do if money ain’t a problem, what your three friends said about you and what you would do when faced with challenges.

Take a look at your list and ask yourself what you would love to invest your money and time in for the next year to either help your special sauce or your findings from this simple exercise.
In the end, it’s all about you looking where your priorities lie and how willing you are to chase it and invest in it.The attachment we give to value changes the perspective.

If this was helpful share below or inbox, would be our pleasure to figure out.
Finally, this is just a tip to our custom made a curriculum for Millennials in the workplace and how they can be at par with global best practices.

They are basic tools and knowledge sharing for the new workplace Millennial and Generation Z.
An email to and we can work with your team this first quarter for a discount anywhere in Nigeria


One of the first words I understood well when I hit several roadblocks on my journey was the word “learning curves”.

What do they really mean?
Every” failure” you took too personal and never saw the need to reflect over.(my lexicon)

I’m yet to hear of anyone who had a smooth sailing journey on their path to greatness. Even those still In the process had their teachable moments which always humbles the best of us.

So how do we view challenges when they come? Shut down, play the blame game or accept we goofed will still probably goof but would make sure we learn from it?

The Growth mindset tells us challenges would keep us strong and healthy on our path.

So as you figure out your path, be teachable. .

The process isn’t all written in the books. Sometimes, you find them on the path.

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