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What’s your special sauce?
There is special touch we all bring to the party of life. It’s our signature it’s the things we do easily people wonder how we pull it off.
Subtle as they may seem they represent us. Most of them are skills we have horned some are traits we wing naturally bottom line most come naturally but are unique to us alone . ..
We can easily wing it however here is the magic,this special sauce is seen and felt more by people who have known us for a while.

So take this challenge and ask your tribe to tell you your own special sauce take time to listen and let’s talk about it. Ask 3.

One of the best things to happen to you on your journey is to crack your own coconut code .
Cracking your own code here means figuring out which part you would take if money and time weren’t an issue?
It also means the secret formula to finally acing everything after several attempts of trying.

You see, as you grow and finally have everything you wished for there is the role of aligning your inner core to whichever part we choose.

No dispute, however, the fact you have clients means you are a priority on their list to take you seriously.
Oil your wheels.
Treat you as An A-list client first which means attending to your issues first and making sure you as a client is happy then dive into your list of other VIP’s and give them the treat of their lives…
In the grand scheme of things if you keep putting other VIP clients before you, soon you would likely burn out and those clients would look out for the one who follows this simple rule
No hard feelings…
Or if you are indispensable like you assume then everyone loses when you as a client ain’t taken good care of as an A-client


Take care of you


One of the many believes as we grow up and belong to organizations is that the strength we have belonging to groups,  and cliques can  help us be more especially those that think like us

However, a research says we might actually need more of weak ties to make that leap from point A to Point B. In the words of Charles Duhigg in his masterpiece “Power of Habits” he cites several instances where the power of weak ties spoke more compared to familiar strong ties. One memorable instance was the Bus Boycott led by Rosa Parks in the united states of America.

Findings were clear that though Rosa Parks was in the A-league among her community influencers the driving force and momentum to start the bus boycott movement move was the combination of the weak and strong ties which wasn’t her network.Mainly the weak ties did the Magic. When strong ties of friendship and weak ties of peer pressure meet, they create amazing momentum which normally leads to Amaze- ball social change.

“ Sometimes our weak-tie acquaintances are more influential than our close tie individuals. Without weak-ties, We will be deprived of information of the social system and be confined to the provincial news and views of only close friends… This deprivation would not only insulate them from the latest ideas and fashions but may put them in a disadvantaged position in the labor market.without weak ties, any momentum generated does not spread beyond the clique”

” Culled from The Power of Habits Charles Duhigg

weak ties for starters are relationships between members of different groups aside ours for instance. you would likely find an architect in the circle of his kind or some Engineers and would be strange finding him in the midst of fashion designers or musicians.

Come to think of it the weak ties bring in a new kind of audience, help spread our message and opportunities more to different spheres

I personally have had  feedback from the effect of getting new insights from my weak ties compared to my natural pond of strong ties which led me to share this  which means you must go out of your own pond and have a mixture… your pond would not give you all you ask for and that has nothing to do with  they being great  its a natural law.

As a tech developer it’s time to go out of your own pond and create new fraternity with guys from the other side the world is more than tech and vice versa we sure need each other.

Weak ties often give us access to the social network where we don’t think necessary otherwise we would always play the safe card in a save pond and this is time to leave the safe pond to create a massive movement which we all need.

So this is me to you Weak ties are Lit !! Let’s embrace them create mixtures and create amazing memories of a solid movement!!

Its the new year and what better way to start than with the 21 day plan.


You may have heard a popular catchphrase that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Science and real-world experience tells us that it actually takes a MINIMUM of 21 days, but on average between 60 to 90 days. So, for most people, 90 days (or 3 months or 12 weeks—however you look at it) is a much more effective and realistic timeframe to incorporate a new behavior into your life.


This is how it works   normally it’s a proven research by science and real world experience that when humans practice a habit consistently(ritually) for 21 days the body and the mind most times gets used to it. Meaning it sticks .Then when they  carry it  out  this same act for 90 days  which is  like  3 months it doesn’t just become a habit it becomes a lifestyle. . So let’s say you  start  consistently for 21 days  and make it takes between 60 days to 90 days for it to be on cruise control.  For anyone who has tried this the key experience isn’t even in the numbers but mostly on what you are fast becoming   so lets assume you don’t make it in 21 days or 90 days which is normally rare you definitely would not be the same person you were when you .Started especially if you had an accountability partner and took note of the changes observed this period.

No  this isn’t about My TED Talk but you should really watch it here

I come from the part of the world where  we almost joke about  everything these days the memes on social media alone could lead you into how much creative juice we have left on the table without converting…memes that were both hilarious and struck a chord. One of such memes left a deep impression.

What would your TED talk be like?

For starters, TED is an acronym for Technology Entertainment and Design owned by  sapling foundation led by it curator Media entrepreneur Chris Anderson   All over the world the TED stage is like the Eldorado for the best Speakers, innovators, Influencers   change agents you name it …who literally have an idea worth sharing.

So if you were given the opportunity to stand on this spotlight and the whole world was meant to listen as your audience for you speak to them, what would your message worth sharing be about?

What in your journey do you think the world would learn from and when you figure out what it is, that should be your TED talk.  Scratch that, that should be your message and you don’t necessarily need a TED Stage.

Personally I think I had toiled with the thought of what mine was prior to Prior to mine  so it was not completely a struggle when I had my shot. My generation had more young people who thought they needed permission to live their dreams and I thought differently of how the world had changed and how emasculated young people have become with strategic collaborations and something as ordinary like a laptop and internet. I’ve seen the magic and still see the magic happen you are normally unstoppable.

A friend  I got talking to  had this to share when I popped up the question to him   “ I would talk about laziness and how it can completely stop you from  achieving your goals” It sounded cliché until I asked Why laziness? And he shared his story and did it make sense? Too much sauce!!  It happens he was in that Laziness cycle till he made some moves which took him to a different league where he is now and acing it.

He alone knows that feeling so if I dint probe further I would have misunderstood what  this  meant to him. So it is for what your own uniqueness is. You don’t need to sound like the rest of us. Come to think of it weird on that stage of life is the new cool and those who are weird enough to tell us how very important their own weird is wins.

What were your lessons learnt?

Feel free to re-engineer .

And yes Break your own coconut!







Muna onuzo is an award winning financial literacy advocate for women and a business
and communication strategist among her tribe she is known as the business multiplier

….. Muna is an entrepreneur with keen interest in
helping the youth, women and organizations develop a winning global strategy.
Her expertise has seen her speak to over 8000 businessmen and women on
leadership, personal finance, entrepreneurship, branding and communication
strategy across several States in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, United States of
America and Asia
Muna is the Founder of Gazzelle Academy where she has trained and mentored
over 2000 Nigerian youths. She holds a Masters degree in Media and
Communication and sits on the board of several organizations. …….
Muna is the President of the Foundation for Women in Film and Television – an
International NGO spread over 44 countries. She is a sitting Board of Trustees
member of the Society for the Performing Arts of Nigeria – an award winning
NGO helping the Nigerian youth to live out their dream through dance and the Arts.
Muna was recently honored with the Most Influential Young Nigerian ranking
under Social Enterprise and An Iconic Woman Changing Her World Award from
WEF-Women Economic Forum India. She has also received an award on Creativity and Excellence and a Fellowship from the Institute of Information
Management Africa.@munaonuzo

  • Kemi Tijani, is CEO/Founder of Wow Braids, a for-profit social enterprise that creates globally competitive hair and beauty products from local inputs by working with groups of female artisans across Nigeria. Kemi is a advocate for building businesses with a social component. Wow braids products are ethically sourced from highly-skilled stylists in Nigeria and distributed through a global network of channel partners. Prior to establishing Wow Braids, Kemi worked as a Technology Business Specialist at Microsoft and Dell EMC where she designed technology solutions that enabled large enterprises to increase their bottom line by transforming their business processes and operations.  She was also an early employee at Jumia and Konga, helping to design the blueprint and drive execution of core processes in the early days of the start-ups. Kemi has a degree in Computer Science and an MBA from INSEAD business school and is passionate about building businesses with a social mission and using technology to increase efficiency and scale. Her business has already empowered over 70 women with soft loans, skills, and a means of living. She is also versed with issues around entrepreneurship, tech as an enabler, social impact, business competitiveness, local production, Made in Nigeria, start up culture, etc. 

I would be speaking at one of the largest gathering of millennial s in my country Nigeria this week July 5th 2017. Enact-us Nigeria would like all her members in the global network, be having her national competition to pick one team to represent Nigeria in the global world cup holding in London this year.

Enactus Nigeria is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action present in over 36 countries and in over 1,730 institutions globally. Coming back to meet these millennial s to share my story as an Alumna gives me all shades of feelings of nostalgia.

I was my teams Project manager as a student.If I remember vividly my university was always showing up for the National competition as spectators.

Meaning we showed up to clap for most of the teams who were competing but we never participated in the competition because we never carried out projects which met the guidelines set aside for each team.

After my team leader and I got trained in one of those rigorous team leaders training at the First Bank Nigeria training school in Iganmu Lagos, Nigeria, My new role was Spelt out to me clearly.
I remember one of the ENACTUS staff tell me my core role was making sure my team carried out projects that was going to qualify for the national competition.

I felt a huge sense of responsibility because I had an amazing team leader who was a people’s person Uche could sell ice to an Eskimo and you would buy it with all pleasure but we had a problem, most of the people being recruited were fickle and flash in the pans. The role of each team was to carry out projects together but Funny enough we both were stuck with the task of doing everyone’s job even when our register registered huge numbers, the recruits never did their jobs. So we knew we had to have a new plan if we had to deliver on promise.

So I divided the task and asked him to handle people recruitment and keeping the team happy while I focused on screening and managing project team. We needed numbers so I let him get all the numbers while I worked with an inner circle to get the project done. After much we did several projects that put us in the competition for the first time. While others competed to win the National competition my mind was made up we just needed to show up first maybe years later the team could be more qualified for winning the competition. Interestingly we won some awards and we felt “job accomplished” but in all this process I had developed experiential knowledge on projects and people management.

I remembered on one of those times when I influenced the change of my university exam time table because of an Enact-us competition( as at that time it sure was a big deal) I dint know how I convinced my lecturers then because I had no prior close relationship with them. Okay, I think I told them the university was represented by my team and if they dint change the timetable the university would have no representative in the state capital Abuja. They loved my guts listened to my sermon and we made it to the national competition

After college I figured out I was a project manager my experiences were clearer while serving in the creeks of Delta state Nigeria my community didn’t have access to clean water. I came in and asked several questions and was told then there was an abandoned bore hole which would cost about 500,000 to fix.( how they got the figures still amazed me) My experience with projects had always taught me that when most government projects is reported as spoil t, they were just abandoned because everyone assumed the government was one imaginary “big brother” who knew everything.

So one night I went in with the locals and figured out that what everyone assumed (bore-hole) was wrong I fixed that bore hole with less than N5,000( five thousand Naira) which was spent to get new water taps. The day the water ran from the taps, I turned a small god!! The state government got informed and I was awarded an N.Y.S.C state Honors awards.

I had to join the Nigerian chapter of the global body of project managers Project management institute (P.M.I) worked with a registered Project management educational institute for a while before I set out my journey as a management consultant. Published my first book Breaking the coconut available in over 38,000 online stores you get a discount if you go on . Got nominated to speak at TED’s conference in Nigeria.

Was nominated to speak for millennial s and change makers watch the full Video on YouTube

Big Buck Bunny
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My First Video Album

  • Big Buck Bunny Trailer
    Big Buck Bunny Trailer
  • Big Buck Bunny(Youtube)
    Big Buck Bunny(Youtube)
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    Big Buck Bunny(Vimeo)

Today I combine my role as a management consultant and host to a monthly Knowledge show which educates millennial s on how to Step-up their game as influencers, entrepreneurs, Intrepreneurs and change-makers. (You look for it on YouTube and subscribe. (Breakingthecoconut show)

Connecting the dots and looking back for me now, I see one of the bold decisions of my youth belonging to ENACTUS and one other Alumni group I would talk about some other time. My closest networks were not even class mates but these comrades who have turned friends and have positioned themselves as influencers in their field.

My biggest achievement as an Enactus student was convincing young people like me to work on projects because it was going to change the world. In the real world, it’s hard to ask for that by-in when you don’t have the money to pay but the results of pulling people to believe in your vision is super priceless.

The EnactuS National competition showcase how EnactuS students are transforming lives and enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. From April to July of this year, Enactus teams all over the world will compete across 36 countries where the quality and impact of their projects will be evaluated by business leaders serving as judges.

These dynamic and inspiring events encourage creativity and reward results, ultimately leading to stronger programs and more lives improved. From each national competition one team will be selected to represent their country at Enactus World Cup 2017 in London, UK
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