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“Mami water we dey dance on top water, the band members and instrumentalists dey under the water”African Proverb


Sharing Lessons learn t with Wilson Joel
Wilson Joel is the CEO of Doxology music. He is the first Nigerian music Producer in west Africa to be endorsed by German based music software company Steinberg.
He gives head-sup his journey on Entrepreneurship in the music business and how he stays sane on his part.

My time spent with him was super inspiring. From someone who eats, breaths and dines music. It was best getting his perspective on his journey beating his craft so I did some snippets from the Podcast available on
 Learn to embrace the process of beating your craft
 You have to get to that that stage of your life when you say to yourself this is it for me and dam the consequences of what your fears are.
 Patience as a virtue which must be embraced
 You need to stick to something for so long that everyone knows you for it.
 You need to refill your mindset with positive vibes.
 There are many things I want today but I don’t have yet there are many things I have presently I never had in the past.
 Learn to follow process. If you follow process you would stay on top of the game.
 You might stay aloof for a while but you wouldn’t sink.
 The picture of success we see most times is deeper than we see and comes more with hard work
 Nobody owes you a dime irrespective of how good you think you are.
 Be careful of what you attach your happiness to
 There is something everybody is good at whatever you are good at is what you should to be doing for the rest of your life.
 And if you meet obstacles you must continue until you get there
“Mami water we dey dance on top water, the band members and instrumentalists dey under the water”
Translation: The mermaid dancing on the sea has her songs being played by instrumentalists beneath the water.
Meaning:what you see as glorious today has been so much of a great foundation
You can listen to the Podcast on
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