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Social Experiment

I carried out a social experiment on the real meaning of an African proverb thanks to Wilson joel
“Mami water we dey dance on top water him band members and instrumentalist dey under water”
I got several meanings I would share from my list of amazing friends I would spare them by refusing to call their names.

“The mermaid dancing on top of the water is dancing to a beat by Dre”

The mermaid dancing on top of the water is dancing to a sound the drum beat is from her goons under the water

The mermaid dancing under the water is dancing to her fellow spirit people

The mermaid dancing on top of the water is dancing to a song played by her bands men beneath the sea so don’t be mesmerized.

When you see a mermaid dancing on the river know that those who are playing the music are under the water beware

There is a reason to every happening

The mermaid is hovering in the aqua while the cohorts are submersible in the aqua( this fellow either has a degree in Agriculture, English language or in pastoral studies the choice of words were my reasons)

The success of one person is often dependent on community network or relationships which most times remain invincible


Though many kept cracking me up but really the best responses were the “I don’t know..”
But you see these were my lessons: firstly I don’t know the right translation.
l I tried though but all my translation cracked me up too I couldn’t even put it out

Secondly you would always have someone who knows better than you do so ask

Lastly which is the core of this you should visit our website to listen to our Pod-casts on Nigerian Entrepreneurs and change makers. we have them listed there already

There is a reason to every happening, the success of one person is dependent on network and relationships seams close though but how about this,what you are seeing as glorious today has been so much of a great foundation. So don’t be carried away Courtesy- Joel Wilson
Charles Umeh

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