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Month: February 2018

It’s an open secret we would rather put our money where our mouth is than leave it to chance. We naturally might love free things but in the long run, exclusivity need be paid for.
likewise time. A close look at our daily habits gives us a clue to what is a priority.

So let’s take you for example now you figured your special sauce, what you would love to do if money ain’t a problem, what your three friends said about you and what you would do when faced with challenges.

Take a look at your list and ask yourself what you would love to invest your money and time in for the next year to either help your special sauce or your findings from this simple exercise.
In the end, it’s all about you looking where your priorities lie and how willing you are to chase it and invest in it.The attachment we give to value changes the perspective.

If this was helpful share below or inbox, would be our pleasure to figure out.
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One of the first words I understood well when I hit several roadblocks on my journey was the word “learning curves”.

What do they really mean?
Every” failure” you took too personal and never saw the need to reflect over.(my lexicon)

I’m yet to hear of anyone who had a smooth sailing journey on their path to greatness. Even those still In the process had their teachable moments which always humbles the best of us.

So how do we view challenges when they come? Shut down, play the blame game or accept we goofed will still probably goof but would make sure we learn from it?

The Growth mindset tells us challenges would keep us strong and healthy on our path.

So as you figure out your path, be teachable. .

The process isn’t all written in the books. Sometimes, you find them on the path.

What’s your special sauce?
There is special touch we all bring to the party of life. It’s our signature it’s the things we do easily people wonder how we pull it off.
Subtle as they may seem they represent us. Most of them are skills we have horned some are traits we wing naturally bottom line most come naturally but are unique to us alone . ..
We can easily wing it however here is the magic,this special sauce is seen and felt more by people who have known us for a while.

So take this challenge and ask your tribe to tell you your own special sauce take time to listen and let’s talk about it. Ask 3.

One of the best things to happen to you on your journey is to crack your own coconut code .
Cracking your own code here means figuring out which part you would take if money and time weren’t an issue?
It also means the secret formula to finally acing everything after several attempts of trying.

You see, as you grow and finally have everything you wished for there is the role of aligning your inner core to whichever part we choose.

No dispute, however, the fact you have clients means you are a priority on their list to take you seriously.
Oil your wheels.
Treat you as An A-list client first which means attending to your issues first and making sure you as a client is happy then dive into your list of other VIP’s and give them the treat of their lives…
In the grand scheme of things if you keep putting other VIP clients before you, soon you would likely burn out and those clients would look out for the one who follows this simple rule
No hard feelings…
Or if you are indispensable like you assume then everyone loses when you as a client ain’t taken good care of as an A-client


Take care of you


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