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Breakingthecoconut Framework:Growth

One of the first words I understood well when I hit several roadblocks on my journey was the word “learning curves”.

What do they really mean?
Every” failure” you took too personal and never saw the need to reflect over.(my lexicon)

I’m yet to hear of anyone who had a smooth sailing journey on their path to greatness. Even those still In the process had their teachable moments which always humbles the best of us.

So how do we view challenges when they come? Shut down, play the blame game or accept we goofed will still probably goof but would make sure we learn from it?

The Growth mindset tells us challenges would keep us strong and healthy on our path.

So as you figure out your path, be teachable. .

The process isn’t all written in the books. Sometimes, you find them on the path.

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