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Anieka was born in the countryside. In his community, he was the rock star who solved various obvious problems no one earlier saw. The community needed a cobbler, so he was the best cobbler in his community. Everyone depended on his skills. Referrals favored him more. Everyone always coming back since he was the only one great at this skill the queue was always long at his doorstep which meant only when he solved each problem do we finally call it done for the day.

So someday something magical happens, Emeka comes into town with a modernized toolkit and sets up the best cobbler shop far from Aniekas’. Out of curiosity, one-day Anieka’s client walks into the office with the normal complaint he had been sharing with him for several weeks only to have his shoe fixed in record time than earlier imagined.

Only then did the whole town make a U-turn to Emeka’s service outlet. with the new information from his newest testimonial, Emeka was the new rock star.  Anieka believes Emeka must have some kind of magical powers to have dragged all his clients because it never added up. There was an Emeka who came from nowhere to ruin all his effort and spurred up this sudden exodus of clients.

“It’s true I have magic that works for me Anieka but you must come to see how it works and the best time to come would be at night” ( he never wanted to humiliate him in the presence of his clients) Emeka affirmed.

A date was fixed both men meet in the middle of the night to the surprise of Anieka there were no magic but modern tools. He was ashamed of his false assumptions but since it was the night it shielded his disappointments and tears which was only seen by Emeka who kept smiling

There and then Emeka offers to help him also become magical. Anieka smiles and apologizes for all his foolish assumptions takes the offer and embark on his journey.

Several key lessons from this story before I let you share yours below..

In the new workplace, there is no magic just modern tools that come off magical.

There are no permanent rockstars

There is always a new kid on the bloc who is ready to unlearn yesterdays magic

Assumptions can knock out even the smartest of us.

Treat your rival with respect he would never forget the new lesson you handed him at his low ebb.

What were your own lessons

Kindly share below

In the end make sure you #breakyourowncoconut

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