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Month: October 2018

As a rookie project manager, most of the first silly mistakes made on my part was hinged on this

The funniest part of that story is that it never looked like a big deal until the end when we looked at lessons learned.

It always shows up all the times that there were stakeholders who were either not identified or satisfied

In the real world, it’s still the same.
most times people might never be on par with you or might never be in “your league” worse part might never share your values.
The moment you take up a project they are involved at that moment it ceases to be about you but more about them so you must first identify them and figure their interest.

Their interest might not even be what you love or like… however, the goal of the project is a win and they are your stakeholders. The option that still wins is figuring options of satisfying everyone (It’s not being lame it’s fundamental) and making sure you all are on the same page.

  • What if satisfying their interest doesn’t align with your values?
  • A story for another day. But to be fair, I’ve learned in negotiations you must increase all options by creating a “mind map chart” and arm yourself with it.

In the real world, I figured out being a project manager rested more in soft and people skills and we all have #Stakeholders.

The moment we refuse to identify and normally Satisfy most of them…. this normally leaves even the best of us clueless or set up for a fall
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