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Why Every Team Needs An Evaluation Like this

So I thought I should share this insight. Which is super useful to teams at this time of the year when reviews are been done. You would have to watch the short clip of an interesting organization earlier known as “Struggles and Co INC” to get it but I would help you with the characters
The Performer:
Every team has one. Most times they had the vision in the first place and see more clearly than anyone does to get the ball rolling. 
They figured out its best to start because of the responsibility in the work and they ignore several things just to keep the ship going and take full responsibility
Then they get
The Highly Effective Doer who is normally a gift to the team. Very Willing to learn and normally teachable. yes, still in need of direction, he needs guidance.

The third is the “less Effective Doer” I call them the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak spirit. .He normally makes no difference and is easily swayed.
The Potential trouble source
He has little on his plate and maybe because he has energy is put at key spots which makes his distraction more reflective on the team. He is the first target of the

The suppressive person who comes in to create the trouble in the team and if undetected can ruin the efforts of everyone on the team
Most times all it takes for the performer is to remember the vision and his why clearly before he puts back the ship on the right path and sails clearly.

look at what happened when the Performer did the right thing.
He even saw clearly he needed to change the company name to “No Struggles INC”
So aside what I shared feel free to share your own lessons from this short skit below…


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