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The Emotional Connection We have with our Art.

Everyone is an artist. Our expression matters. Moreover, the fact that your kind of art is at the forefront does not make it better than mine.
Sometimes the belief you have in your version of art is so contagious even the blind can feel it and that is what you need until you catch the next bug or get clarity.

Even when we do not believe in ourselves the irony is that we recognize those who do.

When we see them, we recognize it in their eyes, their passion and their chase are super contagious.
So as the story goes you must be stubborn, persist and flawless in your art.
Let it connect with your heart and let the magic engulf us.

When people tell you, “you can’t” please do not take it personally thank them because you truly cannot in their eye.

Since you might have seen it. In your dreams and your own eye. Simply show us. We want to see you invite us to your own party of your “Believe” we would come seated starring smiling and dancing to your version art.

In the new year part of our work in #Thecoconutworklab where we connect generation Z’s, Millennials and social era natives with the new insights for the future of work in this side of the earth would migrate to some cities around Nigeria.

Our online and TV show #thebtcshow would own its space and create its own version of art with new contents and stakeholders.
We would create more contents for business, family, and case studies for the Genz’s, millennials, and African new business which might be in the version of books This journey would lead to rebirths and collaborations. we would serve you with our new version.
we would create our own parties and be super glad to show up in yours or gatecrash it if you give us reasons to.

in whatever art you plan to create, there is no rush but the clock keeps ticking. keep working.

In the end, it’s not a competition its simply purpose
Break your own coconut.

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