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The Man who would be king…

The man who would be king would be the first to spot what is wrong where others look away. The king would take on the path because the things which interest the crown are not completely random or coincidences. They connect him to his deeper core.

Everyone would see how bad things get and complain but the king would go beyond and make fixing it super simple. He is the king not because of the crown. Most times he has no physical crown, the heart makes him.

Let us backtrack a bit
The king has no crown. Lives with commoners and in self-doubt runs away from his path… sometimes because the normal craving of the flesh gives him reason to want to flee and live an ordinary life which normally is always the easy path until the dream starts to torment you. He never looks like royalty. His lot lies in the possibilities deep within him.

The king must go through his own wilderness to develop grit to fight for the throne and guts to put away trespassers when he becomes king.

In addition, when he is fully ready and stops refusing his path, he owns his lot. People show up to help him because they see through him and the movement. They know he is their lifeline.

You see, every king goes through his dark lands and sometimes self-denial of their superpowers. However, when they connect to see the effect of their action, they switch…

No one gets the crown on the platter of gold. We all fight for it.

Even Jesus fought for his crown as king of kings. For every time he was baited for bread from stones, jumping the mountain and owning the world… all those banter were subtle fights.
Some of us fight longer. For others, the journey is the fight. However, everyone who won the crown paid the prize by breaking their old self.

In the end, this is not about kings like you think, this is about you. your path and all you have to do as the clocks ticks. yes, it’s about you #breakingthecoconut


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