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Generations IN The Workplace


Currently, we have five Generations in the workplace.
It is the first time in the history of the workplace we have five Generations.

Baby Boomers
Silent Generation
Generation X
Generation Z
The beauty of having these generations especially by multinationals in the workspace is the magic they all offer. The interesting part is they all lay claim to have the magic wand to solve all the problems the world faces. With “Millennials” leading the list of obvious outlaws and magician squad.
_ But in the words of Author “Nilofer Merchant” portrayed in her masterpiece “Onlyness”

(I’ve been a student of her works from reading her classic “11 rules for creating value in the
#socialEra “You should get it. which to me remains a blueprint to this era)

but let us get real here.
Have you ever met a generation?
In the end, we meet people with uniqueness who are aware of their superpowers and who keep using it to change their world.
Nilofer calls this “Onlyness”

So what’s your superpower and how do you use it in your career path and journey to change your world.
Yes, what’s your coconut?

Charles Umeh

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