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Month: December 2019

In Nigeria, 2019 started off as an election year for us, let us say we lost three months or thereabout so the year was actually shorter business-wise so I get it when some say it was short. From that viewpoint yes.

I have a tradition of normally ending my year in November and planning for the next year thereabout. it’s my way of putting me on a check. Actually, it ends after my birthday on November 11th.

I try to make this personal so I do not put pressure on those around it and it works. After November, most organizations wind down to plan for the New Year. So it’s the time for retreats and looking back. If you are not too careful with the activities of the end of the year you might just keep floating in it so I review in November and plan the year heads on.

Some start their year in December. I have had this practice for a while and it rubbed off those in my circle. So I’ m in 2020 already with my plans for the year.

A protégé called me up telling me how her 2020 was already planned in November because of my recommendation long ago. I was pleased but still hoped it was not pressured.

Have you watched the new series of the btc show? You should

While recording this video one of the things we put into perspective was looking at the tool and helping you know where your money goes with it which is a very strong indicator of how you can actually tell you have grown as an adult. Hence, we figured out the best way to help make this journey smooth sailing was to help our audience have a conversation around money with a money Behavior coach especially this festive season.

It would be best to watch this episode with your pen and paper we made sure it was worth your time.

So we covered questions like:

Where to invest.

How your money can work for you and the behavior around money.

Dear Millennials and Generation z, this is your heads up on your money hack.  feel free to do us a mail when you finish watching drop a mail, feel free to share your comment at the comment section.

Happy Holidays

There was a certain town where everyone knew a great cobbler who was so great at his job everyone noticed. so let’s call him ken. In a year his total turn income was in $700,000 with a team of apprentices he was the apple of everyone’s eye In the community. Everyone always told the story of how his craft helped the community in raising hardworking skilled men who were under his apprenticeship but something happened during  Christmas time when a certain Fred came back to a neighboring village and set up an automated modern day cobbler company some villages close to Kene’s.

In six months Fred was doing 10x what kene did in terms of revenue. His speed in delivery was super fast clients dint have to wait for weeks but for days compared to kene to pick up orders. People told him Fred used African Magic to win over his clients. Actually prior to then, Fred had invited kene to his new office on how they can both play in the space but he never gave it a chance until one day he chose to visit at night. Fred was so excited he welcomed him mid Night and showed him all around his inner chamber.

one of his machines produces 1000 footwear’s in a week compared to the several weeks it takes him keen to achieve. After many conversations it was clear there was nothing supernatural and even though kene employed and gave his community hope with employment his business model needed the exposure Fred has and the best way to get it was embracing the new tools collaborating with him and making more impact and that’s what technology is all about.

  In the end we all are like kene if we keep thinking technology would just be here for a while, you hear Artificial intelligence is coming to take away jobs  and  You believe it wouldn’t affect you and keep waiting  till when you grow bigger,  you refuse to prepare your team or inculcate it with your work. You hear of a new trend in your industry and rather than be the first adopter you are waiting for when the buzz would come to an end….

 The world keeps evolving, so move with it become first adopters embrace technology and are the rock stars in your workplace that way Technology and Man become cocreators of the future.

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