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Artificial Intelligence, Generations in the Workplace and the future of work in the New Decade.

While learning one of the reasons we were told not to cram words to pass was simply because we might pass but never get to experience the things we spoke so fluently about.

In the new era and the future of work, the biggest challenge isn’t AI (Artificial intelligence) which has come to stay but us the people. So the smartest kids of this era would be the ones who practice the Japanese model of Kizien (continuous learning) and become masters of their workplace and space because the answers they seek would be found in the evolving textbooks that haven been written yet.

The bigger challenge for us is trying hard to convince the next ones coming behind us to throw away what they crammed to pass grade exams if they still use it courtesy all the textbooks they must read to pass and embrace the tools of technology staring at them because if we use the tools of the era and are aware of it, we all would-be drivers of A.I because then we would be aware of what’s new and what’s coming.

The newest teachers of the new workplace are no longer demigods they are people whose thirst for knowledge, the internet and mentors gave a platform to be.

The drivers of the new decade would possibly be fulltime students of time who immerse themselves in culture and trends and most especially are experiential with their insights.

The current workplace has 5 generations below are insights into 4 of them for anyone who would drive impact and change this little awareness would make your life super easier. we have always had disparities in the duration these eras are but the insights on the humans in it and how to connect with them remain priceless.

There is no end to change but the student of the evolving era must be aware of the continuous change around them so as to be valuable and have a voice on the table.

You can’t afford to be on the table in this era and be silent it’s a waste of space. You either be memorable or forgotten by giving up your space for someone who has a Voice.

Charles Umeh is a TED Speaker an International published Author Millennial Influencer and Coach. Born in Lagos, Nigeria. He also serves as a management Consultant and hosts the B.T.C (Breaking The Coconut) TV Show which gives us insights into the litany of lessons entrepreneurs and change-makers in Africa face. His first book BREAKING THE COCONUT, tells the stories of African Millennial Change Agents and their capacity to beat life’s odds. His book is available in over 38,000 online stores globally and on His TV show is watched all over Nigeria and Africa.

He works to create a workplace where people and organizations are at par with global best practices with the evolving future of work through the “coconut work- lab” a workshop held quarterly which he hosts helps intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs learn and unlearn most new insights in the workplace benchmarking global best practices. He leads the team at Breaking the Coconut ltd

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