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Talent management in the workplace

One of the beauties of being a talent manager in the workplace is your ability to understand everyone’s strength on the team and how they function  I am of the opinion that the modern-day talent manager in the workplace must have multi-facet skills with the various generations in the workplace you must understand how each works and make their work tied around their skills set.

The modern world is like a football team where you have a starting 11.

Where you also have a strong bench who possibly must have strongly contributed to the team on the field. 

A client recently showed me his team squad list and job description. He operates a 24hrs team here in Nigeria With clients around the globe so while we were closed for the day the night shift was logged on and closing deals at night because of the different time zone.

It was another clear example of what the future of work really is.  So do you know Kemi on your team does much better if you explain a brief to her using the audio version of your mail than sending her a written email of the brief? You can simply convert written mails to audio for her with tools. Have you asked your team how best they worked and listened to them? you can pair them in symbiotic groups and use the feedback to improve on further understanding of your team’s dynamics? 

Was Listening To the host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah Behind the scenes episodes during Covi19 and he shared a story that got me thinking

fufi & pamper were his childhood dog fufi was deaf but no one in the family ever knew he was deaf until an accident when he goes to the veterinary Doctor and Doctor asks how he had been coping with a deaf dog all these while.  

In the words of Trevor, fufi was fierce and likely very aggressive but even at that he was “tagged dumb”

You must take out time to understand your team more this period and find out how many Dumb fufi’s you still have and complement their strengths else you find out you had diamonds in the rocks teammates you simply ignored all these while.

Connect the dots.

Charles Umeh

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