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HEADS Up To Talent Managers: Leading Millennials and Generation Z

One industry we all should learn from during this global crisis era is the sports industry and how they keep up with star players.  Therefore, this is heads up for talent managers. Every athlete has a routine that keeps him or her fit every day even without showing up in his or her club training ground. So rather than letting your team stay back at home and count the days and you becoming transactional with your demands from them how about your relationship elevates to a transformational state. Every athlete has a keep fit ritual every day that is checked off by coaches assigned to them.  What this schedule looks like is that it mainly focuses on the activities that keep their body I continuously in shape and movement. Some of their checklists include sharing video schedules of their workouts, where they fail it is the role of the teams’ personal trainers to spot it and find out how to help them be on track. 


So you see the COVID 19   stay home  period  is lag time on the project delivery date of most of our work  and the danger of lag time  on the journey to success is detrimental  to everyone on the team hence even in  isolation someone has a job to make sure everyone is in high spirit and is still in sync and aligned hence one weak link  makes  a fool  of our collective efforts

I kind of had a full  DEJAVU  of what this means recently when  I choose to embark on my body fit exercise ritual after a long break and noticed my body was getting heavy and the pains hit me badly. The reality of what a simple break had done to me thanks to my lag time was not good news. Lag time is always normal until your trainer gives you a new prescription to punish your body and let you play catch up. You must make use of your lag time smartly the mind also works that way it needs an intellectual workout.

Intellectual workouts

 In an era of information overload, your job as a talent manager to millennials and Generation  Z is a full hand from giving them routines of books and podcasts to listen to specific skills and checking on the general and attentive to the unspoken word. Keep the mind continuously stretched which always births growth in individuals and organizations. 

Since the internet is a leveler its best to give mind-stretching tasks that help the team stretch and encourage opportunities to share new learning.   Therefore, some global authors have decided to embark on a virtual book club and answering questions from their readers globally this season and it has been a completely new learning catch up with them.   I’ve seen Simon Sinek masterpiece start With Y book club global and  Susan  Cain of QUIET you can try letting teams during your virtual meeting each read a chapter and share insights which are one way of bonding, connecting and keeping the mind safe and sane.  The mind once continuously stretched and engaged never returns to its same spot but the moment you let the mind relapse into idleness,  you create a weak link for a toxic team.  Most millennials and Genz’s have been likened to energy-charged teenagers, which if strength is well-channeled births different versions of magic.

Post COVID 19

You would definitely find out some football league would birth surprising results in the new season because the break sure  fires you up to be an unforeseen underdog or a champion worth the race and that’s what you should make happen for your teams in the workplace.  Let this be your finest moment.

 If you have team members slow on learning digital tools follow them up and offer help where need be the best perks in this era which has always been a driving force for this era could be “Internet data” and anything that helps raise the team’s spirit is a plus.

Have you ever wondered why a bottle of coke to the American soldiers during world WarII was a big motivation and nostalgic for the soldiers to the extent it improved camaraderie? It reminded them of who got their back

You see, at war times when we watch each other’s   back we send a signal to the team  we all are in this together and a loss and win for all affects all. It’s Easter  time you could also put smiles on their faces by finding how you meet their needs half way even in the midst of the crisis you must lead by example and be the beacon of hope  because like we are aware its WWIII  since we are in a new era, the spirit must be high so we come out blazing for the  rest of the year

Charles Umeh

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