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Month: June 2020

With mid-year, there is always the fear of performance and drawing up scorecards however, everyone should engage in it for the purpose of reflection and observation.

With the pattern of the year very clear, it is obvious we can convincingly predict patterns things might take shape coming out from the first half of the year and the pandemic it is obvious we would still be more digitally connected and live more on streets of the internet hence these insights might be helpful in our new normal.

Keep Showing up more &Practice Pictorial Journaling.

It is almost easier to forget how we all look these days if the only communication we have with people were the last times we saw them physically our images would almost be fading away. I recommend Pictorial Journaling

Showing up on various streets of the internet with a pictorial journaling of our work and tool keeps you top of mind on your prospects and clients list most times people might have almost forgotten how you look keeping us informed with your journaling  when your name pops up we already have a picture of you clearly in action.

Once ran into a contact I had made on LinkedIn in a food shop and we got talking about several topics i had shared on the platform. Interestingly I could not connect his face but when he called LinkedIn, I got it.With pictorial journaling, we see you on our streets and connect you to our needs. Actors seem to get it well by using Tik Tok App as their audition.

Focus on making Your Paying Client and Tribe super special
The year 2020 is not completely about numbers but impact. An extract from Daniel Priestley’s masterpiece “Oversubscribed” sheds more light on how to treat your new tribe and how focusing on your subscribers and those who value your brand of magic have Paid for your products is super important hence you should serve them more and treat them like the real MVPs that they are.

“Your value is much higher than you think to a small number of people.
You don’t need everyone on the planet to see you as in demand. You only need enough people who can drive your price up.
Separating from the economy and from your industry requires that you turn your attention to those people who find you highly valuable and then serve them better than anyone else can” Daniel Priestley Oversubscribed.

It’s mid-year and time to give more to everyone who took out time to buy our product, share feedback on how we could get better and see value in the light bulb we lit. You are the real MVP’s. Thank you.

As we start the new season, I thought  i should share some materials you should look up.

Free e-Book. Generations in the workplace.

Generations in The Workplace

How to manage the difficult and different generations in your work place. 

Present like A Pro. Audio, N5,000 (video fee) N9,900, N5000 participants get free 5 minutes one session on Zoom.

Sign up to our community. “Coconut worklab” where We would be having industry experts share knowledge in the new season but would be exclusive.

Most importantly, we urge we all keep safe and keep our eyes on the ball.

We have lost several loved ones these few months so let’s celebrate the privilege of being counted alive and with the time we have. Let’s make a difference with all we have.

We are walk in progress. Keep Working

Charles Umeh

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