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Run with those who beat you or those who challenge you.

The best lesson we pick from watching athletes is that they practice all their lives as long as they remain competitive.

To them, the practice might mean going to the gym every day
Keeping to a diet.
Walking with a routine.

Most times the goal isn’t for the moment. It’s a lifestyle that reflects over time.
It’s what they signed up for.

They aren’t celebrating your holidays and indulge in the excesses of everyone else because they aren’t everyone else.

They are aware of the prize they must pay for what they signed up for.

It’s easy to admire them, but we must borrow their attitude to their own work and career path and implement on ours if we must ace it or at least leave our mark.

How often do we go to our Gym?
Constantly push ourselves towards everything we want.

Your Gym must help your Craft.

How much rehearsal of our craft does our career know about our practice?
There is a reason an artist paints in a canvas. It’s there for you to see while it’s also there for him to criticize his growth.

The more hungry we get and the energy level we push out to our craft the more likely to get better at it. The more the world takes us seriously.

The more we treat it as just another role the more it mirrors to everyone.

Enthusiasm can’t be taught. It builds every day with zest, effort, and commitment.

Remember the goal is to be consistently hungry, to show up, to add value, and accept the value.

You must run with those who would constantly beat you at your game to make you step up or constantly challenge you to be better.
To be passive is a choice to drop the must not.

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