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"The Illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn unlearn and relearn." - Alvin Toffler

Breaking The Coconut Programme is a “30-minute inspirational  documentary” which showcases successful Nigerian change makers, influencers, and entrepreneurs who share their no holds barred story of how they succeeded against life’s odds in their environment, while we marry the effect of their resilient and thriving spirit in projecting the Nigerian youth who is viewed as the new panacea for the economy if well harnessed and the diverse beautiful culture of the African People.

With Nigeria’s economic market being referred to as the next “new world” we decided to showcase the story of successful Nigerian change makers and entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of game changers.

Meet Charles

Personal Effectiveness Coach / Author / O.A.P

Charles Umeh is a personal effectiveness coach, Author of an Inspirational African book, Breaking the Coconut and Business/Management Consultant.Consulting for individuals in SME’s, with entrepreneurs and top management in corporate businesses which have equipped him with the needed requisite to deal with a wide range of business challenges.

He has carved a niche as a voice for  Millennials  in Africa as an Influencer.He is a TED Speaker and has spoken to several audience with themes on Personal Effectiveness,mentor ship,entrepreneurship,People management, Millenials,Youth, and Self Awareness.


Breaking The Coconut

To every young person out there hungry for positive change but too scared or unsure of how to begin, “Breaking the Coconut” will provide the fuel you need to begin the journey to make an impact and leave an indelible mark in your society. Read this book, and be inspired to join these dynamic individuals to defy the odds and recreate the Africa that we long to see, the Africa of our dreams”

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