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With mid-year, there is always the fear of performance and drawing up scorecards however, everyone should engage in it for the purpose of reflection and observation.

With the pattern of the year very clear, it is obvious we can convincingly predict patterns things might take shape coming out from the first half of the year and the pandemic it is obvious we would still be more digitally connected and live more on streets of the internet hence these insights might be helpful in our new normal.

Keep Showing up more &Practice Pictorial Journaling.

It is almost easier to forget how we all look these days if the only communication we have with people were the last times we saw them physically our images would almost be fading away. I recommend Pictorial Journaling

Showing up on various streets of the internet with a pictorial journaling of our work and tool keeps you top of mind on your prospects and clients list most times people might have almost forgotten how you look keeping us informed with your journaling  when your name pops up we already have a picture of you clearly in action.

Once ran into a contact I had made on LinkedIn in a food shop and we got talking about several topics i had shared on the platform. Interestingly I could not connect his face but when he called LinkedIn, I got it.With pictorial journaling, we see you on our streets and connect you to our needs. Actors seem to get it well by using Tik Tok App as their audition.

Focus on making Your Paying Client and Tribe super special
The year 2020 is not completely about numbers but impact. An extract from Daniel Priestley’s masterpiece “Oversubscribed” sheds more light on how to treat your new tribe and how focusing on your subscribers and those who value your brand of magic have Paid for your products is super important hence you should serve them more and treat them like the real MVPs that they are.

“Your value is much higher than you think to a small number of people.
You don’t need everyone on the planet to see you as in demand. You only need enough people who can drive your price up.
Separating from the economy and from your industry requires that you turn your attention to those people who find you highly valuable and then serve them better than anyone else can” Daniel Priestley Oversubscribed.

It’s mid-year and time to give more to everyone who took out time to buy our product, share feedback on how we could get better and see value in the light bulb we lit. You are the real MVP’s. Thank you.

As we start the new season, I thought  i should share some materials you should look up.

Free e-Book. Generations in the workplace.

Generations in The Workplace

How to manage the difficult and different generations in your work place. 

Present like A Pro. Audio, N5,000 (video fee) N9,900, N5000 participants get free 5 minutes one session on Zoom.

Sign up to our community. “Coconut worklab” where We would be having industry experts share knowledge in the new season but would be exclusive.

Most importantly, we urge we all keep safe and keep our eyes on the ball.

We have lost several loved ones these few months so let’s celebrate the privilege of being counted alive and with the time we have. Let’s make a difference with all we have.

We are walk in progress. Keep Working

Charles Umeh

All around the world in countries where the school system works, this is graduation season

Interesting as this sounds, I currently live in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, and like most cities in Africa, we would only read of graduation online – thanks to LinkedIn and her influencers all around the world.

I’m in between having a conversation of reminding you how the world has changed but I know we are aware of it.
Remembering it would be unfair to the class of 2020 in most third-world countries whose graduation would possibly be 2021, the clarity of having systems gets clearer as the task for all of us (you in particular who are the youngest solution provider).

I have been talking to friends schooling in the United States and Canada, and most schools did not pause this season; class automatically moved online.
On graduation talks for this season, “Zoom” is the new graduation hall.

The clarity of what systems mean has dawned on all of us and being at par with the global economy first has hit us where it hurts.

For this conversation, your biggest competition is not your classmates, but the global trends that would decide everything on your checklist you planned to do after you graduate college.

So to third-world countries like my native country Nigeria, that would possibly have graduation later on this year or in 2021, let’s do this.

Your biggest asset in all this is your VALUE outside the classroom.

Imagine what it feels like not showing up to graduation because of a global pandemic and no one gets to feel your UNIQUENESS.

So let’s step back, imagine everyone who you would never meet again, and figure out your way to keep being memorable in everyone’s space.

How do you show the world how great you are?

How do you not remind us of all those solutions you and all your classmates are aware of?

Let me help you.

…Your boss is not giving you free money, your resume was a barter for the amount you are paid.

This could be the best time to join online communities and groups that give you opportunities to sparkle.
From WhatsApp, to Telegram, to Zoom, all these tools are not just for fun so do not miss it.
Schools are forming new tribes and some don’t know how to key into it.
Be super intentional when you do join any and never be passive with them.
Be intentionally memorable.

Be the one who is taking the initiative.
The next generation might depend on how well you step up and push more narratives about all you stand for.

The older generation might be clueless on how to handle current change but let’s be clear, you are the next big thing. Act like one…everyone is searching for the next kid on the block.
Be the next kid and be MORE.

These tools were made more popular in your era ;
WhatsApp groups,
Telegram, Microsoft teams, and google tools.
Take note of them. Your next best strategist and digital influencer must understand them. Show how you used it for your team and how you can do it for the new era.

The word “communities” took a new meaning too and TikTok is not just a social media tool. It is an audition for everyone. Look closely at the actors on it. They are showing versatility and auditioning their craft. Don’t get carried away with the fun, look beyond it.

If you have your way around these, make them your go-to tools because, in this new future, they would determine how the next generation would communicate.

It is easy to know, and I would help you a bit.
Ten years ago, there was Facebook and Twitter and most of us were still playing around these tools but you see the ones who made so much noise about it and who were consistently around, they became the new rockstars.
Their skill shot up when the noise settled.

The shift was fast. With time they taught us how to use the same tools and were paid more because they were great at it.
Their visibility was second to none and the biggest observation was that they are self-taught.
They kept learning and putting themselves out there, and we developed the conviction they are the ones to walk with.

The same would happen in your era.

Zoom or Room is synonymous with your era. Learn and teach this to your peers who feel it doesn’t matter.

Be goofy, it’s allowed, but be super memorable and choose your digital footprints, and where they appear.

The COVID-19 era gives the world an opportunity to seek new solution providers. Every time you step out to search for jobs, offer yourself as the solution of the era.

Let me explain what your first job is like and if you are lucky enough to get this right, most times, you’re in for a ride.

While at your first job, your CV is exchanged for an agreed sum of money each month, you call it your salary.

Your boss is not giving you free money, your resume was a barter for the amount you are paid.

Make sure at the end of six months you have a new resume which would include your new deliverables at work…(NOT YOUR RESUME).

It is the knowledge era, you are as great as your last deliverable.

Be fine being uncomfortable. It comes with seasons, so learn to accept to be restless and seeking for more because it keeps you on your toes. However, seek for a career coach or mentor to help always clarify your fears.
The best athletes work with a COACH, not a Mentor. They are two different things. Most times, the coach points you to the mentor but the coach keeps you disciplined.
You have heard several times that the game of life is a marathon right? Yes, it is, but if you have no one around to push you towards a goal, you might run in circles or the wrong direction outrightly.

In all, be aware the world is looking up to you because it is assumed you are the best thing out there. Yes, you are. Be kind, be humane, be great at your work, and be reminded that to be the savior of the world at a time like this means you are super valuable and your skills are essential to lives and businesses. Embrace it.
On my journey teaching and leading the next era leaders, I have worked on some digital products. This one would be your headstart in the workplace. The insights in it would help you immensely to get ahead and lead the pack.
Sign up to my newsletter so we share and learn more.

We all are watching.

Happy Graduation…and even if you would graduate in 2021, Happy graduation!

Be ahead of your time!

Charles Umeh

What enables people to reach and sustain peak performance? Training and coaching are key development tools but they are not enough.

You cannot realize your full potential alone. The best leaders know this. Throughout history, great leaders have surrounded themselves with intellectual sparring partners, advisers, and confidants.
Yet your inner circle should offer you more than expertise. It must also create trust and an external perspective, to help you see what others around you are missing. But there is one kind of trust that’s less well understood; Structural Trust.

I did not set out to become an adviser and thinking partner. A bit of exposure to some inner circle, and working with business leaders to develop outside insight on the challenges they face sharpened my perspective. I am the person leaders turn to after they have gotten second opinion advice from key people within the organization. I am the third opinion. The third opinion. The person they turn to with their most confidential questions, risk, and uncertainties. As a thinking partner, I provide an outside perspective, which helps test or tear ideas. This process allows for the leaders to vet tough calls while driving a leap in performance.

Outside thinking partners are too important to be left to chance. Seeking advice is as old as biblical times, from Pharaoh’s counselors to JF Kennedy’s, and the missile crisis history is full of wise ones whose primary role was to be a sounding board and intellectual foil for the one in charge.
History is full of business littered with smart executive teams that didn’t see it coming. Leadership in this modern era demands external thinking partners in addition to a top-notch internal team.
For the COVID and Post-COVID Era, my advisory job with boards, C-level organizations, and teams is my job description and most of my work most would be signed with non-disclosures where need be. We all need a third opinion and thinking partner in these trying times and I’m open more to this season.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Charles Umeh

One industry we all should learn from during this global crisis era is the sports industry and how they keep up with star players.  Therefore, this is heads up for talent managers. Every athlete has a routine that keeps him or her fit every day even without showing up in his or her club training ground. So rather than letting your team stay back at home and count the days and you becoming transactional with your demands from them how about your relationship elevates to a transformational state. Every athlete has a keep fit ritual every day that is checked off by coaches assigned to them.  What this schedule looks like is that it mainly focuses on the activities that keep their body I continuously in shape and movement. Some of their checklists include sharing video schedules of their workouts, where they fail it is the role of the teams’ personal trainers to spot it and find out how to help them be on track. 


So you see the COVID 19   stay home  period  is lag time on the project delivery date of most of our work  and the danger of lag time  on the journey to success is detrimental  to everyone on the team hence even in  isolation someone has a job to make sure everyone is in high spirit and is still in sync and aligned hence one weak link  makes  a fool  of our collective efforts

I kind of had a full  DEJAVU  of what this means recently when  I choose to embark on my body fit exercise ritual after a long break and noticed my body was getting heavy and the pains hit me badly. The reality of what a simple break had done to me thanks to my lag time was not good news. Lag time is always normal until your trainer gives you a new prescription to punish your body and let you play catch up. You must make use of your lag time smartly the mind also works that way it needs an intellectual workout.

Intellectual workouts

 In an era of information overload, your job as a talent manager to millennials and Generation  Z is a full hand from giving them routines of books and podcasts to listen to specific skills and checking on the general and attentive to the unspoken word. Keep the mind continuously stretched which always births growth in individuals and organizations. 

Since the internet is a leveler its best to give mind-stretching tasks that help the team stretch and encourage opportunities to share new learning.   Therefore, some global authors have decided to embark on a virtual book club and answering questions from their readers globally this season and it has been a completely new learning catch up with them.   I’ve seen Simon Sinek masterpiece start With Y book club global and  Susan  Cain of QUIET you can try letting teams during your virtual meeting each read a chapter and share insights which are one way of bonding, connecting and keeping the mind safe and sane.  The mind once continuously stretched and engaged never returns to its same spot but the moment you let the mind relapse into idleness,  you create a weak link for a toxic team.  Most millennials and Genz’s have been likened to energy-charged teenagers, which if strength is well-channeled births different versions of magic.

Post COVID 19

You would definitely find out some football league would birth surprising results in the new season because the break sure  fires you up to be an unforeseen underdog or a champion worth the race and that’s what you should make happen for your teams in the workplace.  Let this be your finest moment.

 If you have team members slow on learning digital tools follow them up and offer help where need be the best perks in this era which has always been a driving force for this era could be “Internet data” and anything that helps raise the team’s spirit is a plus.

Have you ever wondered why a bottle of coke to the American soldiers during world WarII was a big motivation and nostalgic for the soldiers to the extent it improved camaraderie? It reminded them of who got their back

You see, at war times when we watch each other’s   back we send a signal to the team  we all are in this together and a loss and win for all affects all. It’s Easter  time you could also put smiles on their faces by finding how you meet their needs half way even in the midst of the crisis you must lead by example and be the beacon of hope  because like we are aware its WWIII  since we are in a new era, the spirit must be high so we come out blazing for the  rest of the year

Charles Umeh

One of the beauties of being a talent manager in the workplace is your ability to understand everyone’s strength on the team and how they function  I am of the opinion that the modern-day talent manager in the workplace must have multi-facet skills with the various generations in the workplace you must understand how each works and make their work tied around their skills set.

The modern world is like a football team where you have a starting 11.

Where you also have a strong bench who possibly must have strongly contributed to the team on the field. 

A client recently showed me his team squad list and job description. He operates a 24hrs team here in Nigeria With clients around the globe so while we were closed for the day the night shift was logged on and closing deals at night because of the different time zone.

It was another clear example of what the future of work really is.  So do you know Kemi on your team does much better if you explain a brief to her using the audio version of your mail than sending her a written email of the brief? You can simply convert written mails to audio for her with tools. Have you asked your team how best they worked and listened to them? you can pair them in symbiotic groups and use the feedback to improve on further understanding of your team’s dynamics? 

Was Listening To the host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah Behind the scenes episodes during Covi19 and he shared a story that got me thinking

fufi & pamper were his childhood dog fufi was deaf but no one in the family ever knew he was deaf until an accident when he goes to the veterinary Doctor and Doctor asks how he had been coping with a deaf dog all these while.  

In the words of Trevor, fufi was fierce and likely very aggressive but even at that he was “tagged dumb”

You must take out time to understand your team more this period and find out how many Dumb fufi’s you still have and complement their strengths else you find out you had diamonds in the rocks teammates you simply ignored all these while.

Connect the dots.

Charles Umeh

While learning one of the reasons we were told not to cram words to pass was simply because we might pass but never get to experience the things we spoke so fluently about.

In the new era and the future of work, the biggest challenge isn’t AI (Artificial intelligence) which has come to stay but us the people. So the smartest kids of this era would be the ones who practice the Japanese model of Kizien (continuous learning) and become masters of their workplace and space because the answers they seek would be found in the evolving textbooks that haven been written yet.

The bigger challenge for us is trying hard to convince the next ones coming behind us to throw away what they crammed to pass grade exams if they still use it courtesy all the textbooks they must read to pass and embrace the tools of technology staring at them because if we use the tools of the era and are aware of it, we all would-be drivers of A.I because then we would be aware of what’s new and what’s coming.

The newest teachers of the new workplace are no longer demigods they are people whose thirst for knowledge, the internet and mentors gave a platform to be.

The drivers of the new decade would possibly be fulltime students of time who immerse themselves in culture and trends and most especially are experiential with their insights.

The current workplace has 5 generations below are insights into 4 of them for anyone who would drive impact and change this little awareness would make your life super easier. we have always had disparities in the duration these eras are but the insights on the humans in it and how to connect with them remain priceless.

There is no end to change but the student of the evolving era must be aware of the continuous change around them so as to be valuable and have a voice on the table.

You can’t afford to be on the table in this era and be silent it’s a waste of space. You either be memorable or forgotten by giving up your space for someone who has a Voice.

Charles Umeh is a TED Speaker an International published Author Millennial Influencer and Coach. Born in Lagos, Nigeria. He also serves as a management Consultant and hosts the B.T.C (Breaking The Coconut) TV Show which gives us insights into the litany of lessons entrepreneurs and change-makers in Africa face. His first book BREAKING THE COCONUT, tells the stories of African Millennial Change Agents and their capacity to beat life’s odds. His book is available in over 38,000 online stores globally and on His TV show is watched all over Nigeria and Africa.

He works to create a workplace where people and organizations are at par with global best practices with the evolving future of work through the “coconut work- lab” a workshop held quarterly which he hosts helps intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs learn and unlearn most new insights in the workplace benchmarking global best practices. He leads the team at Breaking the Coconut ltd

One of the opportunities in having conversations like these is when expressed keenly helps awareness and action steps.

One of my highlights speaking with influencers and stakeholders doing Business in Africa is that they get to share from their beautiful minds the power and insights of their work.


One such is with One of the Ladies whose impact in Technology shines around the technology Ecosystem in Africa. Aside from her work in technology her love for social impact has also seen her as a fellow of the Prestigious Obama foundation a global leading movement for global Leaders. Nkem also sits on the board of Stanbic IBTC. Her thoughts on Technology and the use of technology in Africa is a must watch for unlearning and learning how the system works

You still remain YOUR biggest investment.
It’s a RACE with You.
So don’t stop. Yes, it’s a new year and we might all be upgrading to new things be super clear you are still doing an investment on yourself.

That you are learning and picking up new skills to help you ace your journey.

Be clear you are working for version new YOU and not version “what everyone thinks or wants” because in the end your intentional investment normally stands you out and increases your value especially what you bring to everyone’s table(especially family and friends)

Everyone might see the same person but your deliverables, and results would surely be different and magical.
Way different from yesterday.
Same face different delivery.
It’s you against you.Ace it for you.

feel free to Subscribe to our newsletter or drop off your email as we would be sharing nuggets to keep you going strong on your path.
Charles Umeh

In Nigeria, 2019 started off as an election year for us, let us say we lost three months or thereabout so the year was actually shorter business-wise so I get it when some say it was short. From that viewpoint yes.

I have a tradition of normally ending my year in November and planning for the next year thereabout. it’s my way of putting me on a check. Actually, it ends after my birthday on November 11th.

I try to make this personal so I do not put pressure on those around it and it works. After November, most organizations wind down to plan for the New Year. So it’s the time for retreats and looking back. If you are not too careful with the activities of the end of the year you might just keep floating in it so I review in November and plan the year heads on.

Some start their year in December. I have had this practice for a while and it rubbed off those in my circle. So I’ m in 2020 already with my plans for the year.

A protégé called me up telling me how her 2020 was already planned in November because of my recommendation long ago. I was pleased but still hoped it was not pressured.

Have you watched the new series of the btc show? You should

While recording this video one of the things we put into perspective was looking at the tool and helping you know where your money goes with it which is a very strong indicator of how you can actually tell you have grown as an adult. Hence, we figured out the best way to help make this journey smooth sailing was to help our audience have a conversation around money with a money Behavior coach especially this festive season.

It would be best to watch this episode with your pen and paper we made sure it was worth your time.

So we covered questions like:

Where to invest.

How your money can work for you and the behavior around money.

Dear Millennials and Generation z, this is your heads up on your money hack.  feel free to do us a mail when you finish watching drop a mail, feel free to share your comment at the comment section.

Happy Holidays

There was a certain town where everyone knew a great cobbler who was so great at his job everyone noticed. so let’s call him ken. In a year his total turn income was in $700,000 with a team of apprentices he was the apple of everyone’s eye In the community. Everyone always told the story of how his craft helped the community in raising hardworking skilled men who were under his apprenticeship but something happened during  Christmas time when a certain Fred came back to a neighboring village and set up an automated modern day cobbler company some villages close to Kene’s.

In six months Fred was doing 10x what kene did in terms of revenue. His speed in delivery was super fast clients dint have to wait for weeks but for days compared to kene to pick up orders. People told him Fred used African Magic to win over his clients. Actually prior to then, Fred had invited kene to his new office on how they can both play in the space but he never gave it a chance until one day he chose to visit at night. Fred was so excited he welcomed him mid Night and showed him all around his inner chamber.

one of his machines produces 1000 footwear’s in a week compared to the several weeks it takes him keen to achieve. After many conversations it was clear there was nothing supernatural and even though kene employed and gave his community hope with employment his business model needed the exposure Fred has and the best way to get it was embracing the new tools collaborating with him and making more impact and that’s what technology is all about.

  In the end we all are like kene if we keep thinking technology would just be here for a while, you hear Artificial intelligence is coming to take away jobs  and  You believe it wouldn’t affect you and keep waiting  till when you grow bigger,  you refuse to prepare your team or inculcate it with your work. You hear of a new trend in your industry and rather than be the first adopter you are waiting for when the buzz would come to an end….

 The world keeps evolving, so move with it become first adopters embrace technology and are the rock stars in your workplace that way Technology and Man become cocreators of the future.

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