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One of the opportunities in having conversations like these is when expressed keenly helps awareness and action steps.

One of my highlights speaking with influencers and stakeholders doing Business in Africa is that they get to share from their beautiful minds the power and insights of their work.


One such is with One of the Ladies whose impact in Technology shines around the technology Ecosystem in Africa. Aside from her work in technology her love for social impact has also seen her as a fellow of the Prestigious Obama foundation a global leading movement for global Leaders. Nkem also sits on the board of Stanbic IBTC. Her thoughts on Technology and the use of technology in Africa is a must watch for unlearning and learning how the system works

You still remain YOUR biggest investment.
It’s a RACE with You.
So don’t stop. Yes, it’s a new year and we might all be upgrading to new things be super clear you are still doing an investment on yourself.

That you are learning and picking up new skills to help you ace your journey.

Be clear you are working for version new YOU and not version “what everyone thinks or wants” because in the end your intentional investment normally stands you out and increases your value especially what you bring to everyone’s table(especially family and friends)

Everyone might see the same person but your deliverables, and results would surely be different and magical.
Way different from yesterday.
Same face different delivery.
It’s you against you.Ace it for you.

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Charles Umeh

In Nigeria, 2019 started off as an election year for us, let us say we lost three months or thereabout so the year was actually shorter business-wise so I get it when some say it was short. From that viewpoint yes.

I have a tradition of normally ending my year in November and planning for the next year thereabout. it’s my way of putting me on a check. Actually, it ends after my birthday on November 11th.

I try to make this personal so I do not put pressure on those around it and it works. After November, most organizations wind down to plan for the New Year. So it’s the time for retreats and looking back. If you are not too careful with the activities of the end of the year you might just keep floating in it so I review in November and plan the year heads on.

Some start their year in December. I have had this practice for a while and it rubbed off those in my circle. So I’ m in 2020 already with my plans for the year.

A protégé called me up telling me how her 2020 was already planned in November because of my recommendation long ago. I was pleased but still hoped it was not pressured.

Have you watched the new series of the btc show? You should

While recording this video one of the things we put into perspective was looking at the tool and helping you know where your money goes with it which is a very strong indicator of how you can actually tell you have grown as an adult. Hence, we figured out the best way to help make this journey smooth sailing was to help our audience have a conversation around money with a money Behavior coach especially this festive season.

It would be best to watch this episode with your pen and paper we made sure it was worth your time.

So we covered questions like:

Where to invest.

How your money can work for you and the behavior around money.

Dear Millennials and Generation z, this is your heads up on your money hack.  feel free to do us a mail when you finish watching drop a mail, feel free to share your comment at the comment section.

Happy Holidays

There was a certain town where everyone knew a great cobbler who was so great at his job everyone noticed. so let’s call him ken. In a year his total turn income was in $700,000 with a team of apprentices he was the apple of everyone’s eye In the community. Everyone always told the story of how his craft helped the community in raising hardworking skilled men who were under his apprenticeship but something happened during  Christmas time when a certain Fred came back to a neighboring village and set up an automated modern day cobbler company some villages close to Kene’s.

In six months Fred was doing 10x what kene did in terms of revenue. His speed in delivery was super fast clients dint have to wait for weeks but for days compared to kene to pick up orders. People told him Fred used African Magic to win over his clients. Actually prior to then, Fred had invited kene to his new office on how they can both play in the space but he never gave it a chance until one day he chose to visit at night. Fred was so excited he welcomed him mid Night and showed him all around his inner chamber.

one of his machines produces 1000 footwear’s in a week compared to the several weeks it takes him keen to achieve. After many conversations it was clear there was nothing supernatural and even though kene employed and gave his community hope with employment his business model needed the exposure Fred has and the best way to get it was embracing the new tools collaborating with him and making more impact and that’s what technology is all about.

  In the end we all are like kene if we keep thinking technology would just be here for a while, you hear Artificial intelligence is coming to take away jobs  and  You believe it wouldn’t affect you and keep waiting  till when you grow bigger,  you refuse to prepare your team or inculcate it with your work. You hear of a new trend in your industry and rather than be the first adopter you are waiting for when the buzz would come to an end….

 The world keeps evolving, so move with it become first adopters embrace technology and are the rock stars in your workplace that way Technology and Man become cocreators of the future.

Every year towards this period we always set to do more reflection on how we have done. The danger is when we believe we have not achieved more or the more we have achieved is probably quite not as significant as you imagined.

As part of our end of the year, plans to add value, we would be having our #Worklab “Let’s figure it out with your tribe series” “ Hindsight 2020” –
This is our own way of working with organizations for those living in Lagos and it’s environs on prepping their workforce for 2020

We would have four sectors we would be helping organizations and individuals who wish to “up” their game.
We would be reviewing and strategize for the New year 2020.we would be focusing on four key sectors in this series.

Communications Department
HR Resources Department.
Marketing and Strategy Department
Information technology (I.T)
Date 23rd November
Cost: N20,000.
Venue: only participants who pay get details.
Participants get an exclusive invitation to our live recording to our new series of the btcshow live recording “meeting with your mentor series”
CAVEAT: This is not an open session. strictly exclusive Deadline 20th November 2019.


Currently, we have five Generations in the workplace.
It is the first time in the history of the workplace we have five Generations.

Baby Boomers
Silent Generation
Generation X
Generation Z
The beauty of having these generations especially by multinationals in the workspace is the magic they all offer. The interesting part is they all lay claim to have the magic wand to solve all the problems the world faces. With “Millennials” leading the list of obvious outlaws and magician squad.
_ But in the words of Author “Nilofer Merchant” portrayed in her masterpiece “Onlyness”

(I’ve been a student of her works from reading her classic “11 rules for creating value in the
#socialEra “You should get it. which to me remains a blueprint to this era)

but let us get real here.
Have you ever met a generation?
In the end, we meet people with uniqueness who are aware of their superpowers and who keep using it to change their world.
Nilofer calls this “Onlyness”

So what’s your superpower and how do you use it in your career path and journey to change your world.
Yes, what’s your coconut?

Charles Umeh

Early in the year had been having conversations with more young people in my tribe.
Millennials and Genz’s and with no doubt I think there is a funny tricky problem reoccurring. Possibly I think I also got immersed in the deadline of my deliverables and to-dos and somehow forgot to add my own voice.

Looking at my written to -do for the year and hearing the same challenges again got me thinking. I had to at least put my thought on paper so if it makes sense to you soak it in. If it doesn’t, take a long walk.

You see this buzz word you hear about entrepreneurship being the main deal, sexy, the beautiful bride and all those things you wish its freedom gives you. For the records, they are half-truths.

If you have a 9-5 job that keeps your brains alert, stretch your thinking and demands more from you especially if you are a greenhorn and can make savings from it, you should stop trying to seek For sexy.

Most of the smartest young people in this generation are Intrapreneurs let me take time to break it down. They are the ones who have the entrepreneurial spirit and most times run the business the entrepreneur own.

They know how to kill their deliverables in their 9-5 jobs and make off money from their passion outside work. If you are one of these mates, you are doing fine. And please You can always get sexy in the future but stop searching for sexy because sexy looks cool outside.

If you hit a deal of 100million Naira or whatever the figures are you just hit a deal it doesn’t make you an Entrepreneur.

The life of most of the high fliers in this clime is filled with several chapters of failures few bother sharing because truthfully it’s part of the life.

The biggest deals most people you look up to came after sometimes 5 knocks on the door some 10 No’s! Most of my own close business clients also came from several we are not ready yet and when it stuck I wanted what I wanted because I was adding value and not because it was going to look good when I have it. There were referrals and trust me this is how it is for most that are open enough to share.

You just might be very good at all you do but never get it its nobody’s business nobody owes you Anything!

How does it feel Knowing you had someone who had the king’s ear but never tells the king about your competence?
Remember biblical Joseph… aside all the stories you know about his brothers selling him to slavery did it occur to you Joseph was still abandoned in jail for two years after he helped one of the men in Pharaoh’s palace interpret his dream?

However, there was the next time. A major problem broke out and his expertise was needed again and his interpretation this time made him king. Stop taking things personal do not kill yourself before your time you are still valuable.

If you think Entrepreneurship is your thing you must stop taking every failure as personal and understand your badge of honor and your resistant to pressure is a call for you to prove to YOU you have what it takes to play in the big league.

You don’t even need to “be your own boss” to make an impact in the world or reinvent the wheel.

understand how structures are done, how relationships are made and be trustworthy first. Take time to ask your boss how many failures they have had before they got their breaks.
Entrepreneurship is not sexy and not for everyone at some stage.
In the end, it’s a huge marathon.

As an Intrapreneur, you could be more fulfilled and acing your game. Don’t be cowed by the sexiness you see. Not all sexiness deserve your taste. Face your front!

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The man who would be king would be the first to spot what is wrong where others look away. The king would take on the path because the things which interest the crown are not completely random or coincidences. They connect him to his deeper core.

Everyone would see how bad things get and complain but the king would go beyond and make fixing it super simple. He is the king not because of the crown. Most times he has no physical crown, the heart makes him.

Let us backtrack a bit
The king has no crown. Lives with commoners and in self-doubt runs away from his path… sometimes because the normal craving of the flesh gives him reason to want to flee and live an ordinary life which normally is always the easy path until the dream starts to torment you. He never looks like royalty. His lot lies in the possibilities deep within him.

The king must go through his own wilderness to develop grit to fight for the throne and guts to put away trespassers when he becomes king.

In addition, when he is fully ready and stops refusing his path, he owns his lot. People show up to help him because they see through him and the movement. They know he is their lifeline.

You see, every king goes through his dark lands and sometimes self-denial of their superpowers. However, when they connect to see the effect of their action, they switch…

No one gets the crown on the platter of gold. We all fight for it.

Even Jesus fought for his crown as king of kings. For every time he was baited for bread from stones, jumping the mountain and owning the world… all those banter were subtle fights.
Some of us fight longer. For others, the journey is the fight. However, everyone who won the crown paid the prize by breaking their old self.

In the end, this is not about kings like you think, this is about you. your path and all you have to do as the clocks ticks. yes, it’s about you #breakingthecoconut


Everyone is an artist. Our expression matters. Moreover, the fact that your kind of art is at the forefront does not make it better than mine.
Sometimes the belief you have in your version of art is so contagious even the blind can feel it and that is what you need until you catch the next bug or get clarity.

Even when we do not believe in ourselves the irony is that we recognize those who do.

When we see them, we recognize it in their eyes, their passion and their chase are super contagious.
So as the story goes you must be stubborn, persist and flawless in your art.
Let it connect with your heart and let the magic engulf us.

When people tell you, “you can’t” please do not take it personally thank them because you truly cannot in their eye.

Since you might have seen it. In your dreams and your own eye. Simply show us. We want to see you invite us to your own party of your “Believe” we would come seated starring smiling and dancing to your version art.

In the new year part of our work in #Thecoconutworklab where we connect generation Z’s, Millennials and social era natives with the new insights for the future of work in this side of the earth would migrate to some cities around Nigeria.

Our online and TV show #thebtcshow would own its space and create its own version of art with new contents and stakeholders.
We would create more contents for business, family, and case studies for the Genz’s, millennials, and African new business which might be in the version of books This journey would lead to rebirths and collaborations. we would serve you with our new version.
we would create our own parties and be super glad to show up in yours or gatecrash it if you give us reasons to.

in whatever art you plan to create, there is no rush but the clock keeps ticking. keep working.

In the end, it’s not a competition its simply purpose
Break your own coconut.

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